wholesale produce

Grocery stores depend on us…
like produce depends on sun and rain.

If eight generations of delivering fresh produce to grocery stores has taught us anything, it’s that customers demand the best. Period. They want only the freshest, highest-quality fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of perfection. Francis Produce offers a vast assortment of seasonal produce for the retail grocery industry. Over the years we have solidified lasting relationships with quality growers all across the county. We are able to “follow the sun” for seasonal products like peaches, strawberries, melons, berries and pumpkins. And for products that require special packaging and labeling, Francis Produce manages an efficient repacking operation to customize containers and labels.

Francis Produce has recently expanded our facilities to meet the increasing demand of processed items. Our state of the art processing facility has been developed and built according to HACCP and USDA specifications. Call or email for pricing and information.

To speak with one of our Wholesale Produce experts, please call (864) 295-2780 or (800) 848-6212 or submit the form below: