food service

Farm fresh: from field...
to table.

The next time you’re savoring grilled vegetables or a fresh salad at a downtown restaurant…or a grapefruit at your favorite breakfast spot, chances are you are enjoying Francis Produce. Thanks to our reputation for quality and excellence, local and regional establishments continue to rely on Francis Produce to ensure that their customers have a truly delectable dining experience.

Hundreds of loyal Upstate customers—restaurants, vendors and specialty food stores—won’t order their fruits and vegetables from anyone but us. We appreciate their loyalty. And that fuels our passion even more to deliver the freshest produce we can to exceed their expectations. Whether it’s a bulk order of potatoes…or just one package of blueberries, we always deliver fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables to fill any size pantry. We are proud of our Upstate roots, so we partner with local growers who share the same integrity and commitment to the quality that we demand. Rest assured, that our produce goes directly from the field to your customers at the absolute peak of freshness, to ensure the best taste and flavor.

To speak with one of our Food Service Specialists, please call (864) 295-2780 or (800) 848-6212 or submit the form below: