about us

Still fresh after eight decades…
and counting

We know a little something about growing fresh produce in Upstate, SC. After all, we’ve been at it a long time. Our story began in 1926—way before 18-wheeler produce trucks and mega grocery chains—when F.B. Francis began growing and providing the freshest fruits and vegetables to customers all across the region. He was a tireless worker, with uncompromising standards, and a genuine passion for procuring only the highest quality produce.

Now, more than eight decades later, Francis Produce is still family owned, and F.B. Francis’ passion, expertise and commitment are very much alive. The company has also grown—healthy and strong, of course, just like our produce. Run by the 3rd and 4th generations of the Francis family, our company has solidified its reputation for unsurpassed quality, and the tradition of excellence extends to each of our three core divisions: Repacking, Foodservice, and Trucking.

Our goal is to exceed the customer’s expectations in everything we do. Whether it’s a daily delivery of tomatoes to a downtown Greenville restaurant…a bulk order from a retail grocery chain in Georgia…or a shipment of non-perishable products out to California (yes, we do stuff like that too!), Francis Produce has maintained a focus on relationships, quality and unparalleled service in everything aspect of our business.

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